• 30 Days to a Profitable InfoBusiness
A full 4 modules training course from the reonwed internet marketer Sean Mize on how to build a profitable inforbusiness in 30 days.
30 Days to A Complete, Profitable InfoBusiness With Visitors and Profits Training Program
It’s a 4-module training program, and each module contains about 2-3 hours of intense training, then a complete homework assignment with exactly what to do and how to do it, so that when you do the work, you will get the results, you WILL get your business built fast.
Module 1: Your Complete Expert Content Creation System
* How to easily create 5 youtubes, 5 slideshares, and 5 articles everyday in less than 1 hour each day (that’s right, it’s that easy, I promise)
* How does all this content get you traffic? IN module 1 you’ll see how it works.
* And you’ll have traffic coming in the first 30 days.
* Qualified traffic that WANTS to buy from you, just like my prospects WANT to buy from me because they trust me and want to learn more.
Module 2: How to Create an Email Campaign from Your Daily Emails
* That’s right – it’s that simple: instead of painstakingly writing a 21 day email sequence in one sitting, I show you an interactive way to write your email campaign, and in 30 days, you’ll have a full campaign, including content, interactive emails, and even your product launch campaign automated for new subscribers to buy your $300 training on autopilot!
* How to write your daily email each day by simple repurposing (1) one of your articles created in that first hour online.
* How to write your entire email campaign, step by step, including your product launch emails that you can automate
Module 3: How to Create a Coaching Program From Scratch in Less Than 30 Days
* In this module, I show you step by step how to create a coaching program from scratch, simultaneously with creating your daily content.
* This is an easy process, the thing with coaching is that since coaching is delivered after someone signs up, you don’t have to create the “lessons” ahead of time . . . instead you simply teach what your clients need as they need it. So you start enrolling clients in coaching as soon as someone wants your help, you don’t have to wait until you have created pre-recorded lessons.
Yes, it’s just this easy.
And I break it down so that this is all a no-brainer!
Module 4: How to Create a $300 Home Study Course You Can Sell on Your Site on Autopilot
* How to create your initial 10 hour home study course you can sell for $300 just by creating your above-mentioned content as part of a product-creation outline instead of thinking up new topics each day (don’t ask me to reveal how to do this without buying this training, this is one of the most successful and amazing methods I’ve ever used and my clients LOVE IT!
That’s it folks.
4 easy lessons.
Full instructions.
A daily blueprint, exactly what to do each day for 30 days.
Here’s what you’ll have in place, if you just do each daily assignment:
* A fully operational info business with a $300 home study course YOU are selling through an automated email campaign
* A 21 Day automated email campaign that builds trust and makes sales from the very first day
* A coaching program you can charge monthly payments for, or take $1,000 to $2,500 payments for 3-6 month clients
* A complete network of expert-level content that is driving qualified, targeted visitors to your site, day in, day out

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30 Days to a Profitable InfoBusiness

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